Posted on: March 11, 2011 7:33 pm

Ten Reasons Why I am Now a Hockey Fan

1) Football - I have become infuriated with the NFL and NFLPA recently. They are all greedy, and it gives the sense of a corrupt system. In the NHL, however, there just seems to be this air of "Hey, I'm here to play hockey. I don't care about your money." Don't get me wrong, I know money's a big part of any career, but when I see Ovechkin on the ice and hear him talk after the games, I feel so much respect for him. Oh, and yes, I am a Caps fan.

2) Basketball - This sport is lost on me. I find College Basketball interesting because of the epicness I see every year in March Madness. The NBA, however, seems to me like no fun. They're always scoring, I only ever seem to hear about the Lakers and the Celtics, and the players just seem cocky. Love the sport, hate the NBA. Hockey, like many other sports, stays entertaining with plenty of low-scoring games and a balance of power between teams. I like that.

3) Soccer - This is pretty much the opposite of my reasons for basketball. There isn't enough scoring. And don't sit there and tell me "You don't understand, it's so intense!" I've played soccer all of my life. I lived in England for Christ's sake. I understand it, I enjoy it, but watching it can get quite boring. Which leads me to...

4) Baseball - Wow. I know this is so stereotypical, but wow, this sport bores me. I try to watch the world series every year, and by the 2nd inning or so, I ask myself, "Why am I watching this?" And again, I played this sport along side soccer throughout my childhood. I know what I'm talking about.

5) Golf - And again...maybe I'll like this sport when I'm like 50. Sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone, I just find it that boring.

6) NASCAR - Now that I'm typing this, I realize a lot of sports seem to bore me...

7) Tennis - Hey! This sport is actually pretty intense. But it gets a little repetitive after a while. Hockey stays fresh for me by players like...oh, I don't know, Alex Ovechkin?

8) Track & Field - This is actually my favorite sport. Shocking, right? I mean, after all of my comments on those sports being boring, I almost think that I shouldn't like this sport either. But, this is the sport I am most dedicated to. I absolutely love this sport and being at meets, so I guess watching it on T.V. gives me a feeling of euphoria. Anyway, the only reason why it's behind Hockey is because I can only over find it on T.V. a few times a year.

9) Wrestling - Well, I can't really watch this sport much on T.V. or anything, but I know for a fact that Hockey stays consistently better than watching this. And the students at my school that wrestle give me a bad taste for this sport, too.

10) Lacrosse - This is where there is more of a dilemma. Hockey and Lacrosse have many similarities and I love wathching both of them. Tiebreaker? The hits in Hockey. Oh, how I love seeing those crazy hits.

And to close, I would like to say that I really do enjoy most of these sports, I just pointed out the bad parts in them to show why I like hockey so much more now. If the NFL lock-out really happens (it doesn't seem unlikely), then I am bringing all of my friends onto the NHL bandwagon!
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